The Hashtag Framework provides a processing core for the Hashtag Markup Language.   The Hashtag Markup Language extends HTML with powerful tags for creating dynamic Web Apps.   Data is managed automatically through secure back-end services, such as SQL databases, Google Sheets, RAM caches, cloud file storage, and more.
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These guides will walk you through setup, and introduce you to the Hashtag Markup Language.   If you'd like to jump ahead and see it in action, try the Latest Builds section below.

Latest Builds

The Build Acceptance Test (BAT) provides many interactive examples of the Hashtag Markup Language in action.   The source is available on GitHub.   Downloads for ready-to-deploy #WebApps are available, custom built for many common Web platforms.

The Hashtag Framework is an open source project, maintained by the Hashtag Foundation.
Hashtag Foundation

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