Hashtag Framework Setup

Getting Started

The only requirement is PHP.   For PHP Installation and Configuration guides, visitphp.net

Bootstrapping PHP

Using the Hashtag Framework in any PHP environment is extremely simple, as the Hashtag Framework is written in PHP.   A Web request handler is provided as a core service, so #WebApps route most requests to a single PHP file:  main.php


// initialize the Hashtag Framework
$hashtag_core = new hashtag_core();

// handle the Web request

That's it.  Using this setup, powerful apps can be written entirely in Hashtag Markup.

These guides will show you how to route Web requests using common Web platforms:

Configuring Services

A hashtag.conf file can be used to configure all core services.   Domain specific settings can be made to isolate environments, such as local SQL databases for development environments, or disarmed API credentials for testing environments.   Alternate configuration methods are described in the hashtag.conf guide.  

Ready To Go?

To learn more about optional services, such as cloud file storage or SQL database hosting, see the vendor list below.   Each guide includes setup & configuration instructions.

Done configuring services?   Move on to the Development Guide

Google Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure Services

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