Google App Engine Setup



Google App Engine is an ideal platform for the Hashtag Framework... scalability is built in, performance is high and costs are relatively very low.   Bundled with other Google Cloud services, like Cloud SQL and Cloud Storage, Google App Engine enables #WebApps at Google Scale.

Download Development Kit

Find & Download "Google App Engine SDK for PHP" here (instructions vary by OS)

Create Google Cloud Project

Go to your Google Cloud Project Dashboard (a Google account is necessary), then click on "Create project" in the "Projects" list header.

Note your new Project ID after you choose your Project Name (the Project ID is lowercase and spaces aren't allowed).

Configure & Deploy #WebApp

Download and unpack one of these #WebApps

Open a Terminal window, change into the newly created directory of the unpacked Sample App, then deploy using the following command: -A YOUR-PROJECT-ID update app.yaml

After deploying, the #WebApp is available at:

That's it!  You're running the Hashtag Framework on Google App Engine.  Go to your Project Dashboard to see how your app is performing.

Recommended Services

To use a GUI tool for locally running and deploying your App, Follow the Google App Engine Launcher Guide

To use the SQL database features of the Hashtag Framework, (you probably want to...) Follow the Google Cloud SQL Guide

To use the File Upload features of the Hashtag Framework, (you likely want to...) Follow the Google Cloud Storage Guide

To use the Google API features of the Hashtag Framework, (Gmail, Sheets, Drive, etc... you might want to...) Follow the Google API Guide

Ready To Go?

If you still need to configure the Hashtag Framework, go back to the Setup Guide

Done configuring services?   Move on to the Development Guide